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One of the most challenging yet significant factors for establishing successful relationships with attorneys is the ability to attract their attention, create understanding and establish their agreement to refer. We work in an environment where change is difficult to embrace, but it has never been needed as much. Insurers have brought a sense of apathy among attorneys with some thinking there is nothing that can be done to counter Colossus. Effectively communicating to them is VITAL. Most doctors do not have the resources or time to effectively communicate their new Zeusclaim core competence and USP to counter Colossus. The entire basis of this phone campaign centers around attracting the attorneys’ attention, effectively communicating to them so they thoroughly understand the Zeusclaim USP leading to referrals and  switching brands of former and “other” referral sources. Our phone room is expertly trained in this service and will contact attorneys on behalf of our members to enhance existing attorney relationships and generate new ones. We begin with the attorneys you have already established relationships with and continue to contact attorneys until we reach everyone who is on your e-newsletter list. After contacting your known attorneys, we then call upon the ones who have opened your e-newsletter and we finalize by contacting those who have not yet opened your e-newsletter. The ability to effectively communicate your USP to attorneys so they have you on the top of their mind and refer to you the next time they have a P.I. client in front of them, is the valuable final product of our phone service. Our phone staff will also set up “Meet -& - Greets” with attorneys and get you in front of them to present our power point. We’ll also conduct surveys with your area attorneys to ensure they are aware of what your enhanced core competence in the Zeus/Colossus environment can do to solve their litigation obstacles.


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