GOLD STANDARD Marketing Campaign

1. Zeusclaim: Fee is already being paid
Zeusclaim and Zeusdemand lie at the core of this campaign as the tool to enhance clinical core competence and crate the USP.

2. Power Point Presentation: Fee included in the campaign pricing
Having the ability to thoroughly communicate to attorneys the benefits of Zeusclaim to counter Colossus, we have created the power point presentation, handouts and survey that have been successful as presented for CLE credits nationwide. 

3. Advocate Forum Membership: $49.00 per month
As our members stand apart with a USP that other do not possess, membership in the Zeus Items is the positional tool to make it known that such tasks involving the enhanced core competence and USP are a strong and tangible indicator of the degree of skill and diligence on the part of the physician. 

4. P.I. Business Facebook Page: $45.00 per month 
Every doctor practicing in personal injury must have a separate, stand-alone P.I. Business Facebook page focused on “content sharing” and creating a “viral marketing effect”. We have extensive content to share with our members on Facebook. By making good use of Facebook marketing techniques, our target customer base (attorneys and accident victims) can be expected to grow much faster in this new social media era. 

5. E-newsletter: $50.00 per newsletter 
As our featured educational promotional marketing campaign, this has proven highly successful and favored by Chiropractors for its ability to attract attorney attention and effectively communicate our message and allows for in-depth information to educate attorneys about the Zeusclaim USP services to counter Colossus.

6. Phone Room: $250.00 per month 
Second to an in-person meet, the phone call to enhance and establish successful relationships with attorneys is the next most effective manner to attract their attention, create understanding and establish their agreement to refer. 

7. Press Release: $65.00 per month 
The Press Release, once it is published, makes the doctor a local celebrity increasing visibility, momentum and overall respect within the medical-legal community. Editors need “newsworthy” stories. We are well versed in both writing and getting our Press Releases published and will perform this function on behalf of the members on a monthly basis. 

8. Zeusclaim Core Competence USP Brochure: Set-up fee included                           
A new service is only as good as the ability to market it to gain new business. The Zeus Core Competence USP Customized Brochure communicates this to local attorneys.

Additional One-Time Set-up Fee: 
There is a one-time initial setup fee of $299.00 for customization of the items above, plus the creation and customization of the landing page on the Zeus Items, listing in the physician directory, geo-locator activation, business card and letterhead set-up, membership certificate, customizations of the Press Release and Zeusclaim Core Competence USP Brochure.

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