Attorney E-Newsletter Campaign

Because of our low cost and attractive full-color state-of-the-art designs containing vital data that attorneys need and want along with our quick weekly production turnaround time, our online attorney Internet newsletters have quickly allowed us to join the ranks and experience the success of one of the fastest growing segments of newsletter publishing to attract new attorney relationships, enhance existing relationships and generate increased, continual and consistent P.I. patient referrals. 

Online newsletters can be a very effective tool for your business – if done properly. Numbers (statistics) tell the story. 

The proof is in the numbers. Over our first 78 weeks, we have consistently averaged an 11% (eleven percent) open rate.  The normal response expected from an e-mail marketing campaign is 1/2 to 3%. (One half of one percent to three percent). We have far exceeded the industry average, in part because it is a targeted publication and in part because it provides precisely what attorneys need and want. 

This is our featured educational promotional marketing campaign and favorite for its ability to attract attorney attention and effectively communicate our message. It is a huge success. 

It would cost you an average of $1,700 (seventeen hundred) dollars to have a custom e-newsletter of this quality and content created – if you had the data. Then you would have to hire a separate company to send the e-newsletter to your area attorneys or do it yourself. Then you would need a statistics page to show the open rates. Then you would want to call all the attorneys you e-mailed, including both those who opened and those who did not open. We charge on fifty dollars to custom create a specific e-newsletter for you, and we deploy it to your area attorneys and we send you a report of the open rates the following week – all for only 50 dollars.

Making the e-newsletter even more successful has been accomplished by utilizing our expertly trained phone staff who will call the attorneys you send the newsletters to. (See Phone Room Marketing). 

E-Newsletter Success Facts For You!

Newsletters have four times the readership of a traditional ad (source: Dartnell Co.).

A newsletter allows you to give in-depth information to readers. This is especially important when you’re trying to EDUCATE ATTORNEYS about the complex factors of Colossus and your USP services. Once Attorneys fully understand the many benefits of your enhanced core competence among competitors, they’ll be more likely to consistently refer.

Newsletters have a longer shelf life and are more likely to be read by multiple people. 

Newsletters can be used to attract new attorney relationships, enhance existing ones and generate consistent, predictable increased referrals. It will enhance your reputation as a leader in the medical-legal industry and improve communications.

The series will thoroughly educate the plaintiff attorneys in your community about your knowledge of Colossus and your enhanced core competence with ability to solve their common litigation obstacles. It will impress upon them, your USP in this environment.

E-marketing experts report that e-mail campaigns should be conducted on a weekly basis over a full 52 week course.

Each issue is customized for you, deployed to your attorney list using your URL so it represents your e-mail address. We provide a weekly tracking report indicating the open rate. 

This e-newsletter is device friendly (responsive) to computers, smart phones and I-pads. The series is sent every Monday morning to your recipient’s inbox.

We offer an added service to compile an attorney e-mail list for our members who do not have an attorney e-mail list, for a fee of fifty dollars for up to 100 addresses.

This is an automated weekly service with a fee of $50.00 that will be auto-billed to your credit card. This is an excellent tax deductible marketing investment. Only 1 referral from only one attorney a year yields a ROI of more than double the entire campaign investment.

We have made this affordable as this entire yearly series costs less than what a good marketing agency would charge for a one time creation of an e-newsletter of this quality.


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